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Welcome to Chicago Military Relics Inc. forum. Please feel free to view the forums at any time and get to know the members a little bit better. Remember to read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service before posting on the forums.


Forum rules are edited, made and enforced by the forum staff team. This includes Forum Moderators and Forum Administrators. They have the ability and therefore the right to enforce any and all rules within this document and the Terms of Service.


Introduction to Chicago Military Relics Inc. Forum.


Forum Staff have the right to assume that you have read and thus agreed to the Privacy Policies, along with the Terms of Service. If the staff see anything conflicting with the Terms of Service or Privacy Policy, they are given the right to take action.


We rate the forums to be for a mature audience, 13 years and over. It is expected that you act mature and of your age. The content and tone of your posts reflects your maturity and age.


CMR Forum uses a point system, if a member is to do something wrong, the forum staff will add a point depending on the severity of the issue, too many points equals to a website ban. Moderators will warn you in any way they can when they have issued you a point, and what for.


Thank you for joining our forums

- Chicago Military Relics Inc. Forum Moderator and Administrator team.


Forum/Post rules.


- 1) The linking to any and all inappropriate websites, images, or discussions is not allowed. Linking to sexually explicit sites, freeware, malware, or virus', are strictly prohibited on the forums, this will automatically end in an immediate account termination. Anything that links to Chicago Military Relics Inc. are allowed. Anything to do collide with the law, will be removed and acted upon.


- 2) Using profanity is not allowed on these forums. Swearing, intentionally misspelling, changing letters or any form of avoidance is not permitted. Posts with profanity will be removed or edited on site.


 - 3) Advertising is another thing that is prohibited on the forums. Please do not use our forums to advertise any products or services, along with your own forum, website or YouTube links. We make exceptions depending on the intentions. We do not allow threads that have been made to advertise a business, buying/selling products (Other then in the Buy-Sell-Trade Board), theft etc.


- 4) All forms of Forum spam is not allowed on our forums. This includes Advertising, abusing, unneeded messages on the forums. Off topic comments or post that have little to no relevance to the subject being discussed. Pumping a thread is also considered spam, these threads will be removed or the posts will be deleted upon sight.


- 5) Discrimination is not allowed in any way shape or form. Any form of discrimination whether it be racist or bullying, it is still a legal matter and will be dealt with a warning. Multiple infringements will result in a permanent account ban.


- 6) The only allowed form of criticism on these forums is constructive criticism, this is where the critique is giving/proposing an idea. Criticism that is directed against one person is not allowed.


- 7) Posting about a Forum Moderator/Administrators action or inaction is not allowed. If you have a problem with the Administrator or Moderator of the forums, please take it up with the Forum Manager. This includes if you believe you are being treated unfairly. We try to keep our staff members at a non-bias position and that listen to the facts before taking action. Sometimes the staff make mistakes.


- 8) Torrenting, Cracking or any form of criminal activity will not be tolerated. We will not tolerate any form of criminal activity such as admitting to drug use, violence or any other illegal activities are not tolerated within these forums. This is simply because it is a legal issue that CMR will not take any part in.


- 9) Proxy/VPN's are used for people who have the intention to abuse the forums. Proxy/VPN addresses can, and will be banned without any notice. Members using a banned proxy will have to find a different way to access the forums. Any member using a Proxy/VPN to constantly access the forums, will have their accounts closed.


Chicago Military Relics Inc.


Discussion of controversial current events may be closed without notice if it seems the discussion will or has become unwanted. Discussions of harming or otherwise killing another person or child is strictly prohibited as it is classed as mature content. We also do not allow the discussion of legal issues against Chicago Military Relics Inc.


Religion and Politics.

Topics that have to do with people’s religious beliefs, thoughts and feelings are not allowed. This follows under discrimination. Discussions of peoples religion, political beliefs such as "Global warming", "Man-Made climate change" are also classed as political discussions and are not part of CMR.


Creating threads discussing another users account.

We do not allow the discussion of other users’ accounts. If you have any queries regarding the account of a user who is unable to access the forums, please send a PM (Personal Message) to the Forum Administrator/Forum Manager. Creating a thread discussing a user’s ban, is also not allowed, there are reasons as to why they have been banned, if you believe it was unfair, then contact the Forum Administrators/Forum Manager and it will be looked into.


Forum Terms & Rules

Once signing up to the forums, these rules are automatically agreed to. They have been placed here for future reference. Please take a moment to glance over the forum rules. Make sure you understand them, if you have questions on the forum rules, please contact a Forum Staff Member. Please keep in mind that we take no responsibility to what is said, done and or seen on the forums. We are not responsible to the contents of any message.


All messages on the forums are the views of the creator/author of the message. Any user who feels that a posted message is against policy or going against the forum rules, is encouraged to contact the forum staff immediately with no hesitation.


Upon using this service, you will not use the forums to post any material that is false, abusive, discriminative, inaccurate, vulgar, hateful sexually oriented, threatening or negating the right to a person's privacy. You agree not to post any form of copyright material unless it is owned by you or Chicago Military Relics Inc. or its partners.



You are legally responsible for your actions. You represent and warrant that any and all information you may post or provide to Chicago Military Relics Inc. while using the sites, including the part of any applications or registrations to gain access to the services on the website is truthful and accurate. Any content in the personalized areas of the site may be used for its intended purposes. All information given to Chicago Military Relics Inc. is private to CMR and the user, this does not include third party companies that help develop the game, or bring for the website, along with its employees or to uphold the law. You agree to not use these services for any of the following:


(i) Impersonating another individuals/persons or entities. Including any other users or Chicago Military Relics Inc. personnel .Forging any TCP/IP packet header or any part of the header information in any E-Mail or other posting


(ii) E-Mailing, uploading or transmitting or using the services in the use of distribution of any harassing, tortuous, abusive, threatening of any kind of material that is invasive of another person's privacy, exploit other users.


(iii) Transmit any form of material, files, and links to websites and other that contains viruses. Such viruses include; Trojan Horse, Worms, Time Bombs, Cancel bots or other programs that destroy, corrupt or change a computers functions or the operation of Chicago Military Relics Inc. services.


-Chicago Military Relics Inc.


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